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Patience and why we need to practice it daily

Patience is one of the most important virtues we as Christians need to pratice . Patience is mentioned as one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in the book of Galatians 5:22-23 , also referred to as long suffering or forbearance .

We must alwlays be practicing paitnece in are every day life . Many times God will allow situations to happen to really test are patience . We need to always make sure that we are always patient no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in . Often times the situations we find ourselves in might seem like it's justifiable to be inpatient , but we need to remember that the Bible says that we always need to pratice paitnece always and be patient with others as Jesus was patient with us . When we are more paitent in our life we will notice more peace admist challenging situations . In the book of James Chapter 1 from verse 2-4 the Bible talks about how the trying of are faith works paitnece . So when we are put in these challenging situations that test are patience we need to rejoice because are paitnece is being strengthened through these situations . If we look in the Bible there are plenty of examples of people who had to wait and be paitent . For example Abraham had to wait around 25 years for God to fuffil the promise He gave to Abraham . Or for another example even Jesus had to wait 30 years to start His ministry. You see when these people in the Bible had to wait God was able to work on there paitnece and character . If it wasent for all that time that they waited they're character and paitnece would have not been able to handle Gods promises and blessings for them. God has a perfect plan for are life so it's very important we stick to that plan and are paitent for His promises . God is faithful and will always delivere on His word , But he purposely allows these circumstances to happen so that we can grow as a Christian . So when you get into situations where your patience is tested rejoice , and know that it's there for your benefit and character development . Again whether it's waiting on Gods promises or dealing with others we need to see these experiences as opportunities to grow spiritually and in are paitence and character . We hope that this quick message helps you on your Christian walk and strengthens your faith in Christ ! If you like to see more please check out are other blogs and content here at Kingdom Clairty God bless !

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