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All you do will Prosper: New Single by Brett Raio, Selah the Corner & Bumps Inf

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Kingdom Clarity artist Brett Raio released a collaboration single today with God Over Money artists Selah the Corner and Bumps Inf.

The single "Prosper" is based on Psalms chapters 1-3. This song is the first single of a 31-song collaboration project called “Psalms” based on The Book of Psalms, with new singles being released every day throughout this month of May.

The official cover artwork is also available as a 1/1 original 12x12" canvas at KC Threads.

Hear the song:

Release Date / May 1st, 2022

Recorded by / Brett Raio, Selah the Corner, Bumps Inf

Produced by / Brett Raio

Engineered by / Levante R. Joyner

Written by / Brett Anthony Raio, Nathaniel Martinez, Mark James

Cover Art by / ​Brett Raio

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